Nature is everything.

My first passion was capturing images of the natural world and it is still to this day my main inspiration in life. What would we be without the natural world? In a time when cities and megalopolises are disconnecting us from each-other and ourselves, the answer is right in front of us.

Connect with nature, it has always been connected to you.

Epic Sunset - Cinque Terre, Italy
Turkish Steps, Sicilia
Aqua, Favignana - Sicilia
Aqua 2, Favignana - Sicilia
Aqua 3, Favignana - Sicilia
Aqua 4, Favignana - Sicilia
Raasay Island - Isle of Skye, Scotland
Sunset - Isle of Skye, Scotland
Surfing at Sol - Ericiera, Portugal
Ericiera Sunset, Portugal
Life & Death - Rural South Australia
Three Drops - Byron Bay, Australia
Lotus Flower - Bali, Indonesia
Bee Cool - Dresden, Germany
Bee High - Dresden, Germany